Technical Forest Services

Technical Forest Services (TFS) is capable of providing all your primary industry, supervision and contracting needs. With over 20 years’ experience operating in primary industry throughout Australia we boast a diverse range of staff from operational, academic, economic and technical backgrounds. With decades of proven experience and many satisfied customers we are a smart and safe choice for your forestry contracting needs.

Our Services


  • Forest Inventory
  • Forest Practices Planning
  • Boundary Marking
  • Controlled Burn Plans
  • Time-motion Studies/ Activity Sampling

Quality Audits / Control

  • Land Preparation – Clearing and Cultivation
  • Planting, Fertilising, Pruning
  • Harvesting, Transport
  • Safety


  • Browsing
  • Forest Health
  • Invertebrate Pest and Disease
  • Bushfire/Fuel Load
  • Pre Thinning
  • Commercial and Non Commercial Thinning
  • Survival and Weed Incursion
  • Log Residue
  • Regeneration
  • Environmental Conservation

Land Management

  • GPS Surveys
  • GIS Post Processing and Map Production
  • Property Asset Assessments
  • Fire Fighting, Standby, Equipment Hire

Crop, Land and Project Management Services – Capability Statement

Currently based out of a central office in Launceston, Tasmania and operating offices in both Hobart and Mt Gambier, we have a proven track record in tailoring our services to the needs of our clients. Initially specialising in quality control audits, field assessments/inventory and specialist equipment hire/use we have expanded our expertise to become reliable and trusted providers of field data capture and interpretation, mapping and GIS, productivity and efficiency modelling, problem solving/conflict management and large-scale project management.

We operate with a small, experienced and diverse team, allowing us to be adaptable and efficient. Some of our staff areas of expertise are:

  • Bachelor Degree in Forestry
  • Bachelor Degree in Botany;
  • Bachelor Degree in Geology;
  • Bachelor Degree in Environmental Management;
  • Forest Practices Officers and Supervisors;
  • GIS Technicians (map production and interpretation);
  • Technical field data capture, analysis, interpretation and statistics;
  • Project design, development and management;
  • Research trial establishment, monitoring and measurement.

Technical Forest Services has been involved in a large number of inventory, research, monitoring, mapping and management projects throughout Australia and overseas in a wide variety of settings and landscapes. These have varied in size from operations on domestic properties less than 10ha through to 650,000ha native forest estates in South America. We have performed a variety of roles on these projects ranging from whole scale project management down to focused single crop valuations and assessments. Our experience allows us to tailor our staff and equipment to suit the specific needs of the task at hand.

With a small specialist team this makes us an agile and confidential solution. Using a vast variety of modern equipment, we are capable of prompt and precise delivery of your requests. Be it ongoing or impromptu we are capable of undertaking any task assigned to us and producing results specifically tailored to your requests and needs, with as little or as much feedback from us as you require.

We look forward to working with you.

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